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As an ISO-certified contractor held to the highest standards in the industry, Murphy Network’s reputation and reliability have earned them respect as one of the top trusted distributed antenna system (DAS) companies in the Midwest. Murphy Tower’s specialty Network division is renowned for our consistent, standardized process performed by our highly trained, credentialed team. Our in-building coverage and outdoor DAS solutions boost cellular signal strength by up to 1,000x in office buildings, apartment complexes, hospitals, malls, college campuses, warehouses, stadiums and more. We know there’s no one solution that will work for every property, so our signal-savvy team helps customers find the most cost-effective solution to magnify cellular coverage in your building. Call (515) 989-9225 or receive your free quote online to get started with seamless outdoor and in-building connectivity today.

Indoor & Outdoor Cellular DAS Solutions

DAS is a cluster of antennas installed at your property to enhance cellular network coverage in areas with a weak signal. Hills, trees, bad weather and your building’s construction materials are just a few factors that get in the way of the outside cellular signal. Packed sports complexes and remote parking garages often come to mind as the culprits that commonly experience poor coverage, but any property can be susceptible to an insufficient cellular connection.

In today’s fast-paced times, facilities that fail to keep up face a hit to their reputation and possibly even regulatory trouble for matters concerning public safety. Some states require properties to maintain strong enough cellular coverage for 911-emergency services to pinpoint a caller’s location when in need. Many phones default to the cellular network to dial 911, so a strong Wi-Fi connection isn’t good enough to guarantee safety and a quick response time in an emergency. Reliable cellular coverage across multiple networks is your best bet to stay compliant. Murphy Network is here to help with a variety of cellular services, including:

  • Install, test and maintain distributed antenna systems (DAS)

  • Install, test and maintain Emergency Responder Communication Enhancement Systems (ERCES)

  • Test and implement full ethernet systems

  • Install and program cell site routers

  • Install and maintain IP microwave transmission systems

  • Conduct network drive tests to uncover interference; test radio frequency (RF) coverage

  • Install, test and upgrade DC power systems

  • Install data and low voltage cabling

  • Install small cell hub equipment

Many property planners are proactively installing cellular DAS in new construction projects because the constant connection is an expectation for today’s consumers. Whether you’re developing a new property or want to ensure your business is up-to-date with the times, you can count on Murphy Network for results with reduced overhead and a simplified process designed to streamline in-building cellular coverage across your property.

No matter the scope of your building’s size, capacity and construction characteristics, our custom indoor and outdoor DAS solutions can deliver your desired network speed, amplifying existing cellular signals for all carriers in the area. As a leader amongst distributed antenna system companies, our cellular DAS solutions are scalable and carrier-approved for comprehensive coverage in every corner of your facility. Take connection into your own hands and help patrons have a pleasant, safe experience through indoor or outdoor cellular DAS.

Our Proven, value-driven DAS & ERCES Process

At Murphy Network, safety is our number one value and concern. Nothing matters more to us than the ability of our communities to safely connect with each other, whether that’s reaching emergency responders as needed or simply checking in with a family member. We prioritize connectivity and communication capabilities from the moment we outline our in-building cellular coverage plan to implementation at your building. Safety, Integrity, Quality and Expertise are our four core values embodied by all Murphy Network technicians. Through our annual ISO recertification and training, we ensure the quality of our work isn’t just the expectation—it’s standardized and embedded throughout our entire process.

  1. To start, we’ll perform a thorough site survey to map out the area and test the signal strength. We manage all necessary permit requirements so we can be ready to get started right away. 
  2. Within a week of completing the site survey, we'll customize an initial estimate for each customer, catering our cellular DAS & ERCES solutions to your exact needs and specifications. Then, we’ll work with your team to finalize our proposal and establish a clear course of action to strengthen the signal throughout your property.
  3.  Once your team approves the proposal, we’ll deploy our experts as soon as equipment arrives to integrate antennas and smoothly amplify your signal. From testing and designing to permitting and installation, the whole process is minimally invasive to your property, with cables and wires discreetly tucked away in ceilings or floors. We work around your schedule and can even work night shifts so nothing is disturbed during busy business hours. This leads to cellular coverage as we believe it should be: out of sight, out of mind and ultimately seamless for the visitors or residents utilizing your property.
  4. With Safety, Quality and Integrity still top of mind, we complete our process with another round of careful testing to ensure your upgraded signal strength covers all needed areas.

The Murphy Network team is entirely dedicated to improved connection for our customers and our communities. Trust Murphy Network’s certified signal experts for streamlined in-building cellular coverage.

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proud member of the Safer Buildings coalition

The Safer Buildings Coalition (SBC) is an organization dedicated to advocating for safer and more reliable in-building communications. It focuses on ensuring that first responders and the general public have access to effective communication systems within buildings during emergencies such as fires, natural disasters, or other critical events.

As a proud member of SBC, Murphy Network is committed to advocating for these technologies.


Murphy Network Is one of the midwest's Preferred Distributed Antenna System Companies

Connectivity is no longer a luxury; it's a necessity for today’s businesses. Optimize your property for improved connectivity with Murphy Network’s comprehensive cellular DAS solutions today. Call (515) 989-9225 or request your free quote to get started today.