Optical Fiber Communication 


Murphy Communications is a trusted telecommunication contractor throughout Iowa, helping carriers, independent telephone companies (ITCs) and municipalities bridge the digital divide through reliable optical fiber communication channels. Murphy Communications has completed countless electrical and fiber optic cable installations across the state. As a fully integrated, specialized optical fiber communication business unit under the Murphy Tower Service umbrella, we provide custom turnkey solutions for our customers with decades of collective expertise working in fiber optic network infrastructure.

Standardized and credentialed with the top ISO certifications, our approach—Plan, Do, Check, Act—brings consistent quality and standards to each of our projects, ensuring transparency and peace of mind for our clients and communities at large with safety top of mind. Combined with our incredibly strong resource management, low mobility costs and no reliance on subcontractors, Murphy Communications is a dependable, reputable telecommunication contractor Iowa’s top carriers and ITCs continue to count on. Call (515) 989-9225 or request your free quote online to learn more about our fiber optic cable installation services today.

Optical Fiber Communication Services provided

Murphy Communications has the staff power, extensive training and boots-on-the-ground experience to facilitate and streamline your fiber optic cable installation projects with careful efficiency. As a team dedicated exclusively to improving the fiber optic network infrastructure in Iowa, we’re able to accommodate the scope of your project, no matter how big or small. We execute a variety of underground construction services within your desired timeline, including:

  • Complete pre-bore-path planning

  • Provide horizontal directional drilling (HDD), including plowing, blowing/jetting and trenching for fiber and electrical installation, as well as dark fiber installation

  • Install fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) or fiber-to-the-premises (FTTP)

  • Complete utility locating advertising/marking

  • Splice fiber lines for emergency repair/service restoration and new construction

  • Test fiber lines using optical time-domain reflectometer (OTDR)

  •  Bore water lines or electrical in conjunction with Murphy Electric

Murphy’s unmatched resources, capabilities and expertise make all the difference as we routinely exercise the utmost caution and professionalism on the job site while sticking to a tight schedule. Throughout the entire process, we adhere to the Murphy Communications value system set in place by our ISO certifications that demand only the best from our team—and Murphy delivers every time.

Powerful Values Inform Our Fiber Optic Cable Installation Process

We begin our fiber optic cable installation process well before we step foot on a work site or submit a bid. That’s because on-the-job training and field expertise are embedded into our optical fiber communication technicians from day one, starting with an intensive orientation process and mandatory hours of field work. With a collective 82 years of team experience facing real-world fiber optic network infrastructure applications, we’ve put in the time to ensure smooth, efficient turnarounds across all of our job sites.

Our team’s unified commitment to Safety, Integrity, Quality and Expertise make up our core values that stem directly from our ISO certifications, positioning Murphy Communications as a leading telecommunication contractor in Iowa. We follow through on our bids and meet all of our promises and then some. When we’re on-site, we’re ready for anything and able to carefully execute our various fiber optic cable installation services with little to no interruption to surrounding utilities. With Safety guiding us as our most important value, we perform pre-bore-path planning before beginning any job to avoid potentially dangerous utilities and assess how deep we need to drill. Safety is deeply ingrained in each of us, so you can always expect the best from our turnkey telecommunication solutions.

The Murphy Communications difference isn’t just preached—it’s enforced through our annual recertification, standardizing our values into everyday performance. We've thought of everything from safety to quality and environmental stewardship, so no issues arise. Once you request a free quote from Murphy Communications, we respond in a respectful, timely manner, taking into account the scope of your project and expectations for our team. From the moment we submit a bid to beginning work on site, we keep you informed and updated every step of the way. Our strict adherence to our values and process leaves no room for error.

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Municipalities & ITCs Choose Murphy Communications as Their Preferred Telecommunication Contractor

Continued work with prominent carriers like AT&T, Mediacom, T-Mobile, US Cellular and Verizon along with countless ITCs, municipalities and broadband grant recipients has solidified our expertise in fiber optic cable installation. Check out some of our projects to see the full service you can depend on from Murphy Communications.

Murphy Communications team working on an optical fiber project.

Iowa State University | Boring Project with Verizon


Murphy Communications truck and worker.

Des Moines Water Works | Optical Fiber Project


Murphy Communications worker digging for an optical fiber installation.

Massena Telephone | Optical Fiber Project


Murphy Communications worker performing optical fiber work.

Marion County | Rural Water Project

Trust Murphy Communications for Your Fiber Optic Network Infrastructure Project in Iowa

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