Our divisions and primary services



Murphy Tower Service offers a comprehensive range of services, from new tower construction and system installation to maintenance and upgrades, ensuring your wireless and wireline networks operate at peak performance.

Whether you're building a new macro cell site, deploying a distributed antenna system (DAS) or upgrading an existing network, Murphy Tower Service has the expertise and resources to handle every step of the process. Our divisions and services include:

Specializing in new construction of telecom systems including macro sites and small cell installation, Murphy Tower Service also performs maintenance for tower owners and cellular carriers to keep systems running at top performance.

Our primary services:

  • Provide turnkey tower construction and system installation of macro sites
  • Construct antenna systems on water towers and grain elevators
  • Perform general maintenance on tower systems of any age or size
  • Install and maintain small cell systems
  • Provide civil construction of foundations, compounds and roads
  • Install and provide IP microwave transmission systems
  • Provide overall quality assurance through our specialized Tiger Teams
  • Deploy special-event and emergency structures and services




The Murphy Network team installs, troubleshoots, repairs and inspects wireless systems, ranging from older 3G equipment to the newest state-of-the-art 5G technology.

Our primary services:

  • Install, test and maintain distributed antenna systems (DAS)
  • Install and program cell site routers
  • Install and maintain IP microwave transmission systems
  • Test and implement full ethernet systems
  • Conduct network drive tests to uncover interference; test RF coverage
  • Install, test and upgrade DC power systems
  • Install data and low voltage cabling
  • Install small cell hub equipment
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From emergency splicing to horizontal directional drilling, Murphy Communications focuses on fiber-optic and electrical cable installations and maintenance.



Our primary services:

  • Utility Locating Advertising / Marking
  • Provide Horizontal Direction Drilling (HDD) for fiber and electrical installation
  • Install dark fiber using HDD
  • Splice fiber lines for emergency repair/service restoration and new construction
  • Perform routine maintenance on underground and aerial fiber lines
  • Test fiber lines using Optical Time-Domain Reflectometer (OTDR)
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Murphy Electric is a licensed, full-service electrical team operating across Iowa, providing innovative solutions to electrical projects no matter the size or complexity.

Our primary services:

  • Maintain, inspect and repair current electrical systems, ensuring they are safe and up to code
  • Plan and install electrical systems for manufacturing plants, production facilities and commercial buildings
  • Offer end-to-end electrical services for complex and sensitive machinery within industrial facilities
  • Provide infrared electrical inspections and testing to identify and diagnose system issues
  • Plan backup power systems for commercial and industrial facilities, preparing for emergencies
  • Update lighting from fluorescent to LED in accordance with power company rebates
  • Add VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) to control motor speeds, allowing them to start and stop more efficiently



  • Our expertise is demonstrated by a number of employee certifications:

    • VIAVI T-BERD 2000 Fiber Test Set
    • FTTA Testing (Fiber To The Antenna – OTDR)
    • OSHA 30
    • Gin Pole
    • Competent Rigger
    • Competent Climber
    • Competent Rescuer
    • NWSA TTT-1, 2 and Practical Examiner
    • PIM Mitigation
  • Murphy Tower is an authorized installer for Avigilon products.
  • Avigilon is a manufacturer of AI powered security solutions, from security cameras to video analytics, access control solutions and cloud services.
    Murphy Tower is a proud partner of Nextivity Cel-Fi.
    Nextivity Cel-Fi is a manufacturer of In-Building Cellular solutions, including Emergency Safety Services.
    Nextivity Cel-Fi offers affordable cellular coverage solutions for home and businesses of all sizes.