a special place to work 


As a family-owned and operated business, we treat every team member as one of our own.

Our employees are our greatest assets. We offer competitive pay and comprehensive benefits for dedicated workers who want a long, successful career – not just a job. Employees can expect a unique company culture that includes:

  • Competitive salary and top-tier benefits
  • Promotion opportunities
  • Continuing education and training through paid-to-learn programs
  • Wellness programs covering physical, mental and financial health
  • Travel to various job sites with weekends at home


Telecommunications Tower Technicians are the backbone of the wireless industry and the tower maintenance they perform at elevated heights is of critical importance to homeland security, public safety, national competitiveness and expansion of broadband.  

Murphy Tower’s EARN & LEARN training program allows workers seeking adventurous outdoor jobs with no experience to start a high paying career without a degree. Our Telecommunications Tower Technician (TTT) training program is comprised of a minimum of 160 hours of related classroom instruction over a one-year term, and on-the-job training starts after successful completion of our intensive two-week orientation.



To learn what a day as a tower tech could look like for you, check out Murphy Tower Service's tech trainer Angelo Wiggins in, "A Day in the Life of a Tower Tech."

When asked about tower climbing he said, "To some people, we're crazy. To some people we're brave, but everyone depends on us to stay connected." To hear more of Angelo's story, watch the full feature-length movie, "Vertical Freedom," available for download on all your favorite VOD platforms!


Career Opportunities