In-Building Coverage Systems



Whether it’s 3G, 4G, or 5G, cellular signals are weakened by many obstacles including hills, trees, and bad weather. Additionally, modern building materials, while maintaining energy efficiency, will block or inhibit cellular service from the outside network. Cellular coverage is an increasingly critical part of any business operation and daily life. In fact, cellular coverage can be considered a safety or even regulatory requirement depending on the region. Building and enterprise owners need solutions to improve in-building coverage.


Murphy Tower Service’s network division offers solutions that are scalable to fit buildings of all sizes. These solutions are carrier approved and guaranteed network safe unlike traditional analog boosters and passive DAS technology. Installed in just days and at a price point that meets your budget, these in-building coverage systems deliver cellular signals that are up to 1000 times stronger by utilizing Cat 5E cabling for the connection between the head end and each remote antenna unit.